Etsy is a wonderful marketplace for selling your handmade crafts.

Etsy – Making Money Off Your Hand-Made Crafts
By Ira Mency

Etsy is a wonderful marketplace for selling your handmade crafts. It allows you to work for home, and set your own hours. Know however that there are millions of handmade listings on Etsy, so you should do your research first before opening a store so that you may master the art of selling. Here is some basic information and suggestions if you are thinking about utilizing this avenue for your wares.


that Etsy’s main theme is handmade crafts, although supplies, and vintage goods are also allowed. To open a store, which is free, you simply choose a user name, and provide a credit card to secure your account fees.

There is no fee for opening or having a store. For each item you list,

there is a small listing fee, which at the time of this article, is only twenty cents. Your listing comes with five free photos which you upload, and lasts for four months on the site. You are able to set your selling price for your item, and choose shipping costs. It is a bonus that you may choose shipping costs per country, or region, or do each one individually, which is nice as you can determine where it is feasible to sell your item. When someone buys your item, they pay for the item and the shipping fee you have set based on their address.

Selling fees are low, currently around 3.5%. There are no additional fees, unless your buyer pays with PayPal, wherein you will incur fees from


Billing occurs monthly, which you may pay with your credit card on file or with PayPal.

The platform is very easy to use, and there are several screens to list your item, description, photos, tag (keywords) and shipping costs. Editing your items is easy, and so is relisting your item if it doesn’t sell.

Many people go into Etsy blindly, without doing their research, and get lost in the millions of listings on Etsy only to close their shop as quickly as they opened it.

With this in mind, it is imperative you read about Etsy on their site to learn the tips and tricks and hints from your peers. Their “How to Sell” tutorial, and their blog entitled “Storque” is priceless, and full of useful information about ways to increase your sales. There is a “Forum” area where you can network with other users, and “Teams” you may wish to join for added exposure.


the topics to help you succeed you will find the following: the need for good and clear photos, detailed descriptions, great titles and proper keywords. Offering a wide variety of items for maximum exposure may be necessary until you find your niche and build your customer base. Many sellers also offer a wide range of pricing to entice potential buyers. Excellent customer service, fast shipping and social networking will help you make money off your handmade crafts.

Ira Mency has been on Etsy since 2007 with her Vintage shop on Etsy at She also runs a blog for vintage Etsy sellers at

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